7 Best Marketing courses available online

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Marketing Courses


One of the best methods to learn marketing is to take an online training course on the subject. A top-notch education can help you hasten the acquisition of the skills necessary to flourish as a marketer and grow your career.

The best online courses for marketing are included in this article. The list consists of accredited organisations’ paid and free marketing training programmes.

You can discover many courses covering different marketing disciplines if you Google “Marketing Courses.” Some classes only cover topics like social media marketing or SEO, but they don’t give you a complete picture of all the marketing platforms.

This directory aims to promote in-depth marketing programmes that cover several marketing concepts rather than just one. The collection includes lessons of various kinds and skill levels designed for novice, intermediate, and advanced users.


7 Best Marketing courses available online

These are the best marketing certification programmes available online.

1. Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate (Coursera)

This Coursera certificate programme in Google Digital Marketing prepares students for e-commerce and digital marketing professions. This programme’s participants don’t need a degree or work experience. Therefore, this Google certificate is an excellent alternative whether you’re new to digital marketing and e-commerce or have some expertise.

Participants in this programme gain in-demand skills that will equip them for entry-level jobs in e-commerce and digital marketing. The programme has seven courses, with a combined 190 hours of instruction and practice tests. Students will use tools and platforms throughout the course, including Canva, Constant Contact, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Shopify, and Twitter.

2. Alison – Free Diploma in E-Business

Alison is a well-known online learning platform with 20 million students, 3.5 million alumni, and 3,000 courses. You will learn about the many components of e-business in this course, as well as strategies and resources for successfully carrying out an e-business plan. Students gain knowledge of website design, development, modification, and tracking to ensure that the right people see the goods or services they sell. The topics covered are Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google AdSense, and Google Webmaster. You will learn how to master Google’s digital marketing with this course.

3. HubSpot Online Marketing Courses (Free with Certification)

Another option for learning digital marketing online and obtaining accreditation from a recognised organisation is Hubspot Digital Academy. With a wide range of services, including CRM, SEO tools, content marketing, and sales, Hubspot is a prominent player in the digital marketing industry.

HubSpot’s online courses are terrific, even if you don’t plan to use their tools in your marketing campaigns. You can schedule some time to peruse the ones that catch your attention.

Sujan Patel and Matthew Barby, two industry experts with years of experience in digital marketing, are among those who teach all of the courses. The classes are free, and the learning environment is easy to use.

4. Digital Marketing Masterclass – 23 Courses in 1 (Udemy)

With almost 200,000 students who have taken it, this Udemy course is one of the most popular online digital marketing courses. With more than 32 hours of video lectures, articles, and additional resources, it is a comprehensive course that imparts a solid grasp of all aspects of digital marketing, including social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and much more. It uses project-based learning and real-world case studies to impart ideas and tactics that can be immediately applied to businesses in the real world.

The training was created by entrepreneurs Phil Ebiner and Diego Davila, who built six-figure businesses using digital marketing. Together, they have instructed more than a million students on Udemy. Even if you are familiar with some of the subjects covered in the course, you will still gain a lot by taking them. It is perfect for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to grow their brands through digital marketing and anybody looking for employment in the field.

5. Google Digital Garage – Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

For those new to digital marketing, Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course is a compilation of 26 modules created by Google specialists. Google’s approach walks you through the fundamentals of digital marketing in an approachable, beginner-friendly way, unlike many of the other courses in this guide, which are best suited to digital marketers with some prior training and experience.

The topics covered range from analytics and data insights to e-commerce and social media, and the course design and platform are straightforward. For beginners, this is a great all-inclusive course. You take a final exam with 40 questions once you’ve completed the 26 modules of the system. If you succeed, you’ll receive a shareable certificate that you may put on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

6. Simplilearn Digital Marketing Specialist (Paid with Certification)

This course on digital marketing is offered by SimpliLearn and covers a range of digital marketing disciplines and technology. The most helpful thing about this course is that it includes walkthroughs of over 40 digital marketing tools, so you’ll have a good idea of which ones to use when you’re done with it.

In addition to this course, it prepares you to pass and receive certification for Google Ads, Facebook, Google Analytics, and YouTube. This is a fantastic alternative from a trustworthy organisation if you work for a firm and want to convince your boss to enrol in a Digital Marketing Course.

7. Social Media Marketing Specialisation by NorthWestern (Coursera)

Students enrolling in NorthWestern’s Social Media Marketing Certification on Coursera will learn how to develop, implement, evaluate, and monetize social media marketing campaigns. Participants receive the information and resources required to become colonial markets experts. They get knowledge on how to increase their online fan base, effectively manage their social media strategy, and create a social brand.

Five classes make up the programme, which mainly focuses on two objectives. Giving students the proper social analytics training and tools will be the first step in helping them become social media influencers. The next stage is to provide them with the data and resources they require to create a thorough social media marketing strategy, from consumer insights to ultimate justifying metrics. The curriculum is concluded with a capstone project. The participants can do the assignments and lessons on their schedule.

The courses are dynamic, with interactive quizzes, graded assignments, exercises, and practice exams. Enrolled students access social marketing toolkits containing complex marketing and analytics tools, which are essential for developing a profitable social strategy.


Final words

One of the best methods to swiftly pick up such abilities is to take a marketing course. After that, you may concentrate on acquiring practical experience by working on your websites, hiring freelancers for marketing jobs, or joining a reputable marketing business.

For novices, most of the courses in this directory are free. You can browse the courses in the order mentioned above and enrol in the ones that best fit your requirements.



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