14 AI Tools for Marketers that are beyond ChatGPT

AI Tools for Marketers

Best AI tools for marketers that are beyond ChatGPT are mentioned in this article.

AI continues to be a hot topic in the tech industry, especially after the success of ChatGPT. This article presents 14 additional AI tools that have the potential to make life easier for digital marketers in a range of ways, demonstrating how quickly AI is developing and diversifying and its potential impact on all aspects of life.

 Synthesia is an AI tool that lets anyone create branded videos and corporate content by using AI avatars to bring them to life. This ai video creation tool can reduce the amount of time businesses spend filming and editing content, and changes can be made easily by editing the script. It also automatically translates content into over 120 languages.


Cleanvoice is an AI tool that automates the cleanup of audio and vocal tracks by removing background noise, stuttering, “ums and errs,” as well as dead air time and lengthy silences to create clean, professional-sounding recordings.

AI Tools for Marketers

Jasper is an AI copywriting tool based on the same GPT-3 language model as ChatGPT. However, it’s more tuned toward creating advertising and marketing copy.learn AI Tools for Marketers

Pictory is a tool for taking long-form video content and quickly creating branded, shareable clips without requiring any technical editing experience. It can even help in transforming blog posts into videos.pictory

Canva, a popular cloud-based online design tool, now offers Magic Write, an AI-driven copywriting tool. From a simple prompt, it can create social posts, blog outlines, lists, content suggestions, captions, and more.AI Tools for Marketers

Upscaler is a free tool that automatically upscales and enhances images, meaning that low-resolution pictures can be magnified without losing detail. The FacePro feature is particularly suited to facial images. Paid-for options allow even more detail to be recreated.AI image Tools for Marketers

Taplio is a tool specifically designed to work with LinkedIn, helping users to create, schedule, and post content, build relationships with their network and new contacts, and monitor the impression their posts are making. The AI assists by providing inspiration for posts and stories.taplio

Picsart is a text-to-image platform with a comprehensive set of image-editing tools that lets users turn words into art and then fine-tune the results to get the images they need.picsart

Talk To Books is an experimental ChatGPT-style conversational interface plugged into the Google Books library, capable of surfacing facts, quotes, and passages from literature. Users can filter categories of books to only return answers contained in specific genres.talk to books

KeywordInsights is an AI-powered tool that provides insights into the keywords users need to target to ensure their search engine optimization campaigns are hitting the right notes. It automatically clusters keywords and determines search intent, helping users see which terms are valuable and which are just noise.keywordinsight| AI Tools for Marketers

Sprinklr is a social listening tool enhanced by AI, helping users understand what their customers or audience are saying about their brand and automatically draw out insights from millions of conversations taking place all over the world. It analyzes the sentiment of mentions and helps users tap into new audiences wherever they are.splinkr | AI Tools for Marketers

Lisa AI Art – Magic Avatar is an Android app that lets users tap into AI effects to enhance the look of social profile pictures and avatars to attract more interaction and engagement.lisa ai | AI Tools for Marketers

Perplexity.ai is another GPT-3 powered chatbot interface, focused on delivering accurate answers to complex questions. Unlike ChatGPT, it reveals the source of the information it uses, making it more useful for many kinds of research.

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Beatoven makes it easy to create customized, royalty-free music tracks that suit any mood and fit seamlessly into your content. It is the perfect tool for creating the perfect soundtrack for videos, webinars, or podcasts.perplexity

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