Top 10 Angel Investors In India

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Angel Investors are rich people who invest in small businesses or entrepreneurs in exchange for a stake in the company. sometimes known as private investors, seed investors, or angel funders. Among an entrepreneur’s friends and family are frequent angel investors. Angel investors may provide a one-time investment to help a business get started or ongoing funding to help it expand and prosper in its early stages.

Angel investors are those who want to make early investments in enterprises. Less than 10% of an angel investor’s overall portfolio is often made up of these high-risk ventures. Most angel investors have extra money and are seeking higher rates of return than what can be found in conventional investing options.

Because they are more concerned with the entrepreneur’s potential to start a firm than with the company’s longevity, angel investors provide better conditions than traditional lenders. Instead of profiting from firms, angel investors are more concerned with helping them flourish in the early stages.

Angel funders, private investors, seed investors, and business angels are other names for angel investors. Some angel investors pool their funds by joining angel investor networks or using online crowdfunding platforms.

So, here in this article, you will find the top 10 angel investors in India.

1. Aditya Burman

The director of Dabur India Ltd, an international consumer goods manufacturer headquartered in India, is Aditya Burman. Additionally, he is a director at Oncquest Laboratories Ltd., a company that specializes in oncology and genetics and conducts clinical pathology and molecular diagnostics. He chairs the committee of Dabur Nepal Pvt Ltd. and serves as president of the Delhi Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a global network solely for business owners. He is commonly given credit for developing Dabur Pharma, a diagnostic firm that was losing money, into a Rs 100 crore enterprise.

2. Jitendra Gupta

Jitendra Gupta established the neo-banking organization, Jupiter. When Gupta began working for ICICI Bank in early 2004 as a regional sales manager, he saw the untapped potential for fintech. He founded Citrus Payment Solutions in 2010 and sold it to global financial behemoth PayU for $130 million in 2016. Gupta founded Jupiter, which has already garnered funding from Tiger Global, Sequoia, and Matrix after serving as PayU’s managing director for two years. He has been investing in businesses for a while and has funded more than 40 businesses.

He made personal investments in about 13 businesses last year. Among his assets are Meddo Health, a health tech company; Hypto, a tech infrastructure platform; and Lets Hash, a D2C cigarette brand.

3. Rajan Anandan

Among the busiest angel investors in 2017 was Rajan Anandan, VP of Google India, director of Microsoft India, and MIT graduate. Rajan is investing in businesspeople in Sri Lanka and India as the co-founder of Blue Ocean Ventures, the country’s first seed fund. Rajan acknowledges that he enjoys investing in jointly held B2B companies. He does not, however, completely exclude the likelihood of luck. So, give your pitch to one of the most promising investors in the nation—and an active angel investor at that!

4. Sanjay Mehta

Sanjay Mehta, a venture capitalist and investor in technology, has become well-known in the investing community due to numerous noteworthy triumphs he has observed during his ten-year career. The most significant was the 280x return following a withdrawal from Ritesh Agarwal’s OYO after making an early investment in the hotel aggregator as it was gearing up for an IPO.

He has made private investments in more than 150 businesses worldwide and is the first angel investor to watch four businesses grow into unicorns. CoinDCX, a cryptocurrency exchange, and Block are other unicorns. Compared to the industry average of roughly 30%, Mehta’s portfolio has an internal rate of return on all sponsored companies of 103%.

5. Aniketh Jain

Former Solutions Infini CEO Aniketh Jain has continually concentrated on creating a user-friendly, multi-channel Cloud communication platform for clients to close the communication gap. Aniketh has also served as Kaleyra’s Chief Revenue Officer, a global supplier of communications platforms as a service. Among his leadership skills are business process automation, product management, and sound strategy with execution. His primary investment industries include consumer goods and services, health technology, hyperlocal and logistics, and industrial and business goods and services.

6. Kunal Shah

The founder of the financial unicorn CRED, Kunal Shah, is well-known in the Indian startup scene. He wrote the most checks as an angel investor in 2021. Shah declined to play a shark on the famous Shark Tank India programme and participated in 62 startup funding deals as an angel investor in 2021. His first startup capital totals $150,000.

Last year, CRED became a unicorn club member; afterwards, further funding raised its value. He hasn’t, however, limited himself to a particular sector. He owns businesses in the financial, e-commerce, and SaaS sectors, among other industries. Shah recently completed deals with the lending software company Niro, the e-commerce firm OneCode, and the healthcare startup Onsurity.

7. T.V. Mohandas Pai

Infosys’s former chief financial officer, Mohandas Pai, is a committed angel investor. He has focused a lot on making early investments in technological companies. He has used an opportunistic investing strategy, choosing on purpose to place extremely tiny stakes. Additionally, he actively supports female business owners. The success of Shraddha Sharma’s film Yourstory is no surprise. At the moment, Pai holds direct and indirect interests in more than a dozen companies.

8. Anand Chandrasekaran

Entrepreneur and angel investor Anand Chandrasekaran, at Five9, serves as executive vice president of product management. Anand brings to Storm a passion for goods, a solid understanding of the mobile sector, and a successful track record in business. He is currently managing the mobile products for Yahoo Search’s product division.

Anand was formerly the Director of Product Management at Openwave. He was responsible for the day-to-day administration of the mobile mediation product line, which served more than 200 million customers daily across more than 70 mobile carriers and developed new products for the line.

Before joining Openwave, he served as CTO and head of product at MorfMobile, a platform that specialized in mobilizing premium content and services. Anand formerly worked at MyToday SMS (India), a provider of mobile content with more than 17 million mobile users weekly and more than 12 billion SMS messages distributed annually.

9. Kunal Bahl

Co-Founder and CEO of Snapdeal, Titan Capital, Ace Vector, and an Independent Director of Piramal Enterprises Limited, Kunal Bahl also serves as CEO of these companies. Additionally, Bahl has participated in various business associations and think tanks. He has held positions as president of the Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) national e-commerce committee, a member of the executive council of NASSCOM, and a member of the governor’s board of the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations. He typically receives credit for starting one of the biggest online markets in India.

10. Binny Bansal

Co-founder of Flipkart, possibly the most valuable startup in India with a valuation of $36 billion, Binny Bansal has a history of investing in startups as an angel. Walmart acquired Flipkart in May 2018. In November of the following year, Bansal quit the company. In December 2018, he and former eKart executives Saikiran Krishnamurthy and Neeraj Aggarwal co-founded the SaaS consultancy company xto10x.

Last year, he made investments in 12 firms. Some of his most recent acquisitions include the tech company Rupifi, PlanetSpark, and Skill-Lync.

Wrapping Up

If you are an entrepreneur and need funding for your startup, then all you need is a good mindset and the skills to spread your startup across the globe. With just these two things, you may approach the top 10 angel investors in India.

So, don’t wait anymore. If you think you have a perfect startup, grab the opportunity.

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