Top 10 Companies In The World In Mining


The best mining companies in the World will be examined in this article. You may get to the list of the Top 10 Mining Firms in the World without reading our in-depth analysis of the industry’s prediction for 2022 or some of the top growth drivers for mining companies.

Companies in the mining industry search and mine for energy resources, including coal and petroleum, as well as precious and non-precious metals and minerals. They produce many capitals, industrial, and consumer items, such as machines, computers, clothing, structures, and cars. Even some mining companies pay for agricultural products.

Even though mining is a worldwide industry, five of the top companies are based in China, the second-largest economy in the World. Other significant mining firms have their headquarters in Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and these countries.


Top 10 mining companies in the World

Here are the top 10 mining companies in the World based on their revenue –

1. Glencore International

Anglo-Swiss mining company Glencore has its headquarters in Baar, Switzerland. When it was established in 1974, its initial concentration was on marketing ferrous and non-ferrous metals and minerals. In 2013, Xstrata and Glencore merged to become Glencore. With operations in more than 35 nations, it is the largest producer of zinc, copper, aluminum, nickel, and cobalt in the World. With over 90 different commodities being produced and sold, it is currently one of the most varied natural resource companies. Its annual sales were $178.6 billion last year.

2. BHP Group Ltd.

On our inventory of the top mining companies in the World, BHP comes in second. Its headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia, founded in 1851. The company is well-known for mining and producing coal, uranium, petroleum, iron ore, copper, and natural gas. Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, India, South America, and North America are all locations where it conducts business. It made $42.9 billion in sales last year.

3. Rio Tinto PLC

With activities in more than 35 nations, Rio Tinto is one of the biggest mining companies in the World. With its production of iron ore, aluminum, diamonds, gold, copper, and borate, the company is a pioneer in the mining industry. The firm focuses primarily on extracting minerals, although it also engages in some processing operations, mainly refining bauxite and iron ore. The company’s annual sales were $41.8 billion last year.

4. Jiangxi Copper

The largest copper producer in Mainland China is Jiangxi Copper. Its procedures include copper mining, milling, smelting, and refining. Consequently, copper-related products such as pyrite concentrate, sulfuric acid, and electrolytic gold and silver are produced. Its chairman is Mr Li Yuhuang, and Guixi, Jiangxi, China, is home to the organization’s main offices. The company’s mines, which include the Dexing and Yongping pits and the underground mine in Wushan, Jiangxi, produce 340,000 tonnes of copper annually. Its annual revenues were $40.1 billion last year.

5. Vale SA

Brazil’s largest mining company is Vale, established in 1942. The company has operations in over 30 different nations. It is the most valuable company in Latin America and the biggest producer of nickel, iron ore, and pellets in the whole globe. The company also manufactures manganese, copper, bauxite, potash, cobalt, nickel, and iron ore. Although Vale is a mining company, it has several hydropower plants and a vast network of ports, railways, and ships to transport its products. Its annual revenues were $34.7 billion last year.

6. China Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd.

Shenhua Energy is one of the Chinese mainland’s most prominent state-owned coal mining firms. Its operations in the PRC center on producing and selling energy and mining, processing, and selling coal. The company also deals with logistics, using a seaport for coal transportation and an integrated rail network. Through its power plants, Shenhua Energy is also in charge of delivering coal-based energy to local and regional electric utilities around the nation. The firm brought in about $32.8 billion annually.

7. Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd.

The Yankuang Group primarily controls Yanzhou Coal Mining Firm Limited, a coal mining corporation in Mainland China. It prepares, markets, and transports coal by train from underground mines. Two main products are pulverized coal injection and low-sulfur coal suitable for large-scale power plants. The corporation made $29 billion in revenue last year.

8. Anglo American PLC

This British mining company, which produces 40% of the World’s platinum, is the largest producer in the World. The company also has a sizable production of iron ore, copper, diamonds, nickel, metallurgical coal, and thermal coal. Singapore, China, and India are only a few more than 15 nations where Anglo American maintains the business. Anglo American had $27.6 billion in revenues last year.

9. Aluminum Corporation of China Ltd.

Chinese company Aluminum Corporation of China Limited is listed for trading in Hong Kong and New York. This multinational aluminum company has its headquarters in Beijing, the People’s Republic of China. It is the third-largest producer of raw aluminum in the World and the second-largest producer of alumina (and the largest producer in China).

The principal pursuits of Chinalco are the extraction of aluminum oxide, electrolysis of unprocessed aluminum, processing and production of aluminum, market trading, and provision of engineering and technical services. $27.4 billion was the company’s yearly revenue last year.

10. Zijin Mining Group Co. Ltd.

Chinese company Zijin Mining searches for and extracts gold, copper, zinc, and other mineral deposits. The company has its headquarters in Longyan, China, and was founded in 1986. The People’s Republic of China has 12 countries and 14 provinces where Zijin Mining is active. Additionally, it is one of the Chinese companies with the most significant amount of metal resources. It ranks as the 398th-largest public firm in Forbes Global 2000. The company’s annual sales were $21.6 billion last year.


Wrapping Up

So, this was the index of the top 10 companies in the World in terms of revenue. Thus, if you want more such knowledge, be in touch with us!

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