What is Multi Level Marketing?

MLM marketing

Selling products to family and friends while encouraging others to do the same is the practice of multilevel marketing (MLM), network marketing, or direct marketing companies. Some MLM businesses operate illegal pyramid schemes. Before joining an MLM scheme, keep the following factors in mind.


What is multilevel marketing?

Multilevel marketing is a distribution strategy used by businesses to deliver their products to customers. They employ sales representatives to distribute and sell their goods rather than offering them directly to customers in person or online.

Sales representatives typically operate from home and buy products to sell at live events or online. Instead of being seen as employees, each salesperson owns their own business. Multilevel elements allude to each representative’s ability to find and train recruits to launch their own companies. When recruiters make sales and find salespeople, the person above them gets paid. Moreover, MLM earnings come from commissions on individual sales and a share of sales made by distributors you recruited.


How does multi level marketing work?

The sales force in multilevel marketing is divided into many levels. The salesforce is made up of independent, unpaid individuals called distributors. A distributor has two sources of income. One is the commission earned when products are sold directly to customers. Finding new distributors is the alternative strategy.

The distributor is not paid when a new (downline) member is added. However, he also owes money for the sales of his distributors in his downline. A share of the sales generated by the distributor’s downline group is paid to him.

Even some distributors with huge downline teams do not even sell products independently. Their downline teams’ revenue may help them maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Through the commission structure, existing distributors are effectively encouraged to start or grow their downline teams. Because of this, the company can recruit a more significant sales force and reach a wider clientele.

To fully understand how MLMs work, it also helps to be familiar with industry jargon –

The plan

This comprehensive programme incorporates the company’s marketing and remuneration plans.


The salesman that directly brings in a new client for the company is known as the sponsor. For instance, MLM member A brings MLM member B into the company. Sponsored member A is responsible for training sponsored member B.


A sponsor will bring a recruit—also known as a team member—into the company as a new employee. Sponsors or more senior authorities may train recruits.


The recruits brought in under you are known as your “downline.” This may apply to both the people you hired and the people your recruiters brought into the company.

UplineThe sponsors who joined before you are listed here. Your upline would be C, B, and A if rep A recruited rep B, who recruited rep C, which in turn recruited you.

Compensation Tips

The compensation schedule outlines all the potential sources of income for representatives. In addition to commissions on sales produced by you and your team, many organizations also increase commission splits based on sales volume.


Pros and cons of multi level marketing

Businesses and distributors both profit from the multilevel marketing strategy. A company may access a sizable consumer base across a vast geographic area through multilevel marketing. Because the distributors are independent contractors, the company needs to pay commissions on sales rather than set salaries, reducing its spending on sales. Distributors using multilevel marketing may work from anywhere and make more money. They can choose between full- and part-time employment to suit their schedules.

On the other hand, lower-tier distributors could be at a disadvantage. Because upper-tier distributors divide the commission on their sales, they often put in more work yet make far less than those in the top echelons. The high level of autonomy and independence has a drawback. The company only offers a limited amount of support to distributors. Due to a lack of sales training or professional assistance, their efforts to close sales may be unproductive.

Additionally, a multilevel marketing company loses control over its sales team. If any of its distributors behave carelessly or fail to be dependable to customers, it might lose credibility. Another concern in multilevel marketing is pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes are deceitful and can cause participants to suffer significant financial losses.


Multilevel marketing and pyramid scheme

Multilevel marketing is divisive and typically associated with pyramid schemes. While some multilevel marketing companies are legal, others have been the subject of investigations. This frequently occurs when the top employees receive the most of the operation’s money, leaving the remaining employees with less.

A business may operate as a pyramid scheme if its primary focus is recruiting rather than product sales. These schemes occasionally include hundreds or even thousands of participants.


Examples of multi-level marketing

There are many examples of multilevel marketing in the business world. The two companies listed beneath are the most well-known and famous in this industry.


Amway is a well-known direct sales company that makes money through multilevel marketing. The company, which sells home care, personal care, and health products in more than 100 countries, reported $8.9 billion in revenue from its independent business owners in 2021. In terms of income, this makes it the largest MLM company in the world.

Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition is a well-known MLM company that manufactures and markets nutritional and weight-loss products. The company asserts that most revenue comes from product sales rather than hiring. It also claims to provide members with additional security measures, such as a money-back guarantee, to prevent them from being stuck with items they can’t sell.


Wrapping Up

Remember that not all MLMs, even those that don’t have pyramid schemes, are a suitable investment if you’re considering joining one. Your interests and lifestyle might not be compatible with other multilevel marketing businesses. Remember that investigating a potential business deal will cost you time and money. The information you get will help you decide if the transaction is legal, fraudulent, or sound.

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