What is a blog & how do I start blogging?

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A blog is a millennial term referring to an online journal or diary located on the websites. Many people tend to share and document stories of their lives, experiences or plans publicly or privately depending on their own will. Each time it is updated with relevant content, with the intention of sending the message out to the readers. Low investment, low cost, and without any time constraints, it is a more natural way of representing colorful opinions and personalities of the bloggers.


It has proven to be therapeutic, helpful for viewers seeking solace through connecting with people, sharing experiences and exchanging support. Do you know there are 152 blogs with over 2 billion blog posts, published in every 0.5 seconds on the internet! Internet is home to a quarter of the websites in the world! That’s a Crazy amount of number since 1994 when Justin Hall created the first blog.


Blogs have become a vital tool for all types of businesses and source of adding excellent value for the customers and leads. Companies, both multinational corporations and smaller ones have gained a brand persona through their blog content on the web.  Now we’ll answer a few questions and explain what is meant by a blog, blogging, blogger and how to be a blogger. So dive straight in to find out more about it.


The definition and purpose of a blog

Now most of us may have this question, what is this thing that has expanded so quickly over time and has over a billion people using it for carrying out their purposes. Well, keep reading to find out. An online written form of content in a personalized voice that is meant to reach a specific or general audience outlines the primary definition of a blog.


An online journal, the diary that can be published publicly or privately depending upon the publisher’s consent and wish. This content can include pictures, life stories, GIFs, and many other things. It is a platform where information is displayed, shared and viewed upon particular subjects, matters, products and posts.


The purpose of blogging:  It is regarded as a journal, and informational website, the hardcore purpose of a blog is to share content among viewers, sending out the views, stories into the outside world of readers, writers and all. But in today’s time, it has a very straightforward purpose- digitalizing content and earning through blogs.


Previously blogs were not surrounding the monetization purposes, but today businesses are opening up blogs for increasing their visibility on the web, thereby increasing potential customers. These businesses can show their viable features through their business blog website and connect to their ideal audience. Companies rely on their customers that can grab their attention and making the site searchable and competitive among the other business websites.


The customers look forward to constant updating of posts on these business blog websites and thereby increase the activeness on the web. The blog allows showcasing niche authority for the respective business to build brands and get discovered by the targeted people. This niche knowledge can be used by viewers to create niche authority and rank the website higher in Google SERP’s.


A lot of information and engaging posts can be created with the help of niche creation, which is very important for young business brands. Blogs are regarded as lead generation tools useful for businesses converting young business website traffics to high-quality leads by adding a great call to action (CTA).


The basic structure of an ordinary blog


The differences between blog and websites have confused people to the larger core. The blog is a platform where articles relevant to the niche of sites are updated regularly. Website is a static page where content needn’t be updated frequently. The primary blog structure has the following features:


  1. Header
  2. Latest blog posts in the main content area.
  3. Side content area for social, favourite content.
  4. Footer for conclusion

Each of the components mentioned above carries their importance invisibility of the website.


What is blogging and why is it so popular? 

Blogging emerged as an opportunity for the interested individuals into writing, photography and frequent updates of journal entry stuff. Its purpose is to primarily engage the readers around the world and start a discussion on a specific topic. The word blog taken from the actual name ‘Weblog’ is an abbreviated term. It adds more of the public element to blogs. It has proved to increase the self-esteem of people by chronicling their diary-style entries. 


Most of the innovation-based businesses on the web most of the entrepreneurs have adopted blogging for further increasing popularity. Blogging has its factors that are of high importance in the marketing industry. For many people, their blogging is a way of earning money by increased traffic. Blogging is a mainstream tool used for outreach opinions and sources of information. Blogging is as easy as publishing content by obtaining a website on WordPress.


Blogging has several ways of earning, especially by interlinking, by fostering the sense of community. Blogging helps in keeping clients up-to-date with its flexibility and portability. Blogging allows customers with updating content and improve SEO performance. It is an excellent opportunity for businesses to be set apart from conventional competitors. Blogging has incurred aid-marketing to the content delivered to target to the needs and wants of the audience.


It is a platform where answers are available for most commonly asked questions and provide advice to readers. For travelling blogger, travel pictures and experiences are blogged for the viewers interested in the niche. Representing brands and services related to travel niche is essentially helping people to communicate important information.

Today blogging is the most entertained occupation around the world. There is food blogging where pictures and experiences of food are posted regularly on the blog. It can be home to several recipes as well. Tutor blogging, tech blogging, lifestyle blogging, fashion blogging, quote blogging and the list goes on. There are several ways of earning through blogging on which several services and products are sold and bought.


Blogging cannot generate income by working in or of itself, like before. Back in the day, posting one blog was enough for driving organic traffic and generating income out of it. But today it requires other advance needs such as e-mail marketing, content upgrades, digital marketing, other social media groups and an engaged social network.


What makes a blogger stand out from a normal content writer?

 A person who writes articles and regularly generates posts on the blog is called a blogger. They share their experiences and opinions on the internet for other people to read and connect. They have become Bloggers in this millennial age are lucrative earners and are choosing this path as a career. It does not require any sort of academic qualification. Instead, anybody from anywhere can document, write and post their experiences, skills for other people to see and connect with them.


As we all know what a blog is and how blogging is done, Bloggers are the individuals behind the computer screens who post regularly on the platform. They tend to share their lives, services, products, skills and anything they want to with the people around the world. A blogger can choose to spread his or her opinion across a targeted audience. Bloggers make their positions on the platform, without having to leave from one place to another. They can sit at one place and blog about things ranging from art, food, lifestyle, fashion, home designs to finance articles.  


Why do many people choose to blog today?

With its flexibility and increasing popularity, many people tend to make ‘blogger’ life choices. A blogger can blog about anything he/she loves from anywhere around the world and get paid for it! What else can be better than that! Through internet availability, bloggers can communicate with the rest of the world and connect with millions.


Why is it trendy today? Back in the day, it all started with differences between blog and journalism where experts sought blogging was way too informal than journalism. In Blogging a blogger can choose whatever niche he/she wants to, choose whatever topic they want, to write articles. Bloggers can write about their regular days like waking up in the morning and spending a typical day to massive subjects like climate change and human rights issues worldwide.


Bloggers enhance their creativity and open up different strings of opportunities for themselves through blogging. Are they getting paid? Blogging is a money-making tool but not necessarily. Most bloggers do blogging as a form of therapy and increasing self-esteem. But most of the bloggers choose money making strategies to blog. Until the bloggers have established some credibility in the field, it is a little complicated to get money-making opportunities.  


The bloggers can start selling ad space via Google Adsense, become a private affiliate partner through the network, and Sell digital products like online tutorials, Sell Memberships for accessing content, Use content marketing tool for a blog.


Starting a blog? Everything you should know

Starting own blog needs time, efficient work and a few steps. Blogging may seem as easy as getting a website and publishing content on it, but it is more than that. To start with blogger has to choose the best blogging platform first, in which self-hosted programs are highly recommended. Then choosing the right web host platform is very important by the bloggers, which hosts over 2 million websites.


Most of the site-building and blogging platforms will seamlessly walk the young bloggers through creating their business blog. Bloggers can keep up with the developers to help them customize the site as per the brand settings and Boom! The site platform is done. Now a different path is to be walked of publishing the content with the world. Any blogger should start with making a strategy. 


It is common for an upcoming blogger to think about what niche they’re hoping to achieve? What blog should content be created? What is the purpose of the blog? All of these brainstorming queries need detailed and exact answers for creating money worth blog content.   Considering the likes and dislikes of the audience is also an essential part of the blog strategy to publish content.


Researching keywords to maintain the SEO health of the blog is highly recommended. Identify members of the team who can plan, create, plan and promote the blog. Learn SEO and gain expertise in focusing on keyword strategy to make the brand blog hit! Keyword research is a very hectic process, where the search volume and competition of that searched keyword is very high. 


Then generate topics for the blog and keep posting regularly, Bloggers need to keep in mind that regular generation of blog posts and articles to keep the readers engaged on their blog site. The bloggers should make relevant topics which focus on addressing to audience’s needs and likes. Create blog content and regularly publish on the platform. Bloggers can also promote their content for attaining massive organic traffic on their blog.


With all that being said, a Blog site is different from the company’s main website, the best options to make the blog rank by improved SEO efforts. From the entire article, blogging, Blog and bloggers are precisely understood from the above content. Blog, blogging and bloggers have gained momentum from the last years. Many online tools have new levels of functionalities, large teams of talented bloggers which are serving needs to millions of users.


Many businesses and companies have spread out their brands to targeted audiences by increasing competition through blogging. Bloggers are introducing newer techniques of e-mail marketing, advertising and content marketing through their blog posts to keep the future readers are satisfied and engaged. Despite the technical and promotional competition through blogs, bloggers are looking forward to connecting and emerging millions of viewers together and building online communities.






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