Marketing in a Digital World

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Marketing In A Digital World


Given how accessible today is, would you believe me if I told you that the number of people who use the internet daily is still increasing?

According to Pew Research, “continuous” internet usage has increased by 5% in the past three years. In addition, despite what we frequently assert, consumer behaviour has changed along with it, making offline marketing less effective than it previously was.

Communicating with your audience at the right time and place in marketing has always been essential. Today, it entails connecting with people online, where they already spend time.


What is digital marketing?

Internet marketing is now essential for exposing your business and brand. It seems like every other brand has a website. And if not, they run a digital advertising campaign or have a social media presence. Consumers today look forward to and rely on digital marketing and information to learn about companies. Because there are so numerous options and possibilities in digital marketing, you may be inventive and test various marketing strategies on a tight budget.

Digital marketing uses several digital tools and channels to communicate with customers online, where they spend most of their time. The best digital marketers know how each campaign advances its overall objectives. Depending on the goals of their marketing plan, marketers may also assist with a more extensive campaign utilising free and paid media.

For instance, a content marketer can create a series of blog posts that drive leads from a recently released ebook by the business. The business’s social media marketer may help promote these blog pieces via paid and unpaid postings on the company’s social media accounts. Perhaps the email marketer will create an email campaign to provide readers of the ebook with further details about the company. We’ll go over these specific digital marketers in more depth shortly.


What are the keys to marketing in this digital world?

1. Make client service private!

This still ranks first in the digital era as it did in traditional marketing. Instead of focusing on your customers’ wants, concentrate on their primary “pain points.” To find out how to make your customers’ life easier, better, and less expensive, spend a day in their shoes.

When designing its wildly popular products, Apple didn’t consider what its customers wanted; instead, it focused on their problems.

Don’t reduce the price; give your customers more. Build customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

2. Wherever customers go, follow them.

Digital marketers need to be aware of where their customers are spending their time online so they can be there for them.

To succeed, companies must be present on as many websites, mobile applications, and other channels as possible where their customers spend most of their time online. Being on your sector’s most popular social networking site is not sufficient. Additionally, they must maintain their top search engine rankings, regularly email customers and potential buyers, and provide content of the highest calibre.

Businesses must concentrate their attention where it is most valuable since they cannot be everywhere. On Pinterest, the average purchase price is USD 175, but on Twitter, it is just USD 80. Does that warrant more work for your business? Your choice is totally up to you.

3. Let someone else speak in your place.

When you can’t be everywhere, let your customers be your ambassadors. Word-of-mouth marketing still holds sway in some sectors, such as the mobile phone industry. 40% of individuals surveyed chose their service provider based on recommendations from family and friends, according to research Misiek cited. Only 1% of people chose their provider based on social media requests. This suggests that happy customers are more likely to recommend your goods to others. But how can you wow your clients or customers?

4. Stage of experience mastery

The best way to make satisfied customers feel great and unique about using your products is to make them feel great. Companies like Nike have adopted digital technology to significantly enhance the post-purchase experiences of their customers, improving their loyalty and increasing the likelihood that they will become brand champions.

Nike is an excellent illustration of how to use digital transformation effectively. Nike has long included fitness tracking chips into their footwear, enabling customers to track their progress and share it with others on popular social networks like Facebook and Nike’s social network. People may discover running routes, interact with others, and assess their growth in addition to bragging about it.


What is the job of a marketer in a digital world?

According to digital marketers, a company’s free and paid digital channels must be used to increase brand awareness and lead generation. These channels include social media, the business’s website, search engine rankings, email, display advertising, and the blog.

Here are some examples of these specialists in action:

1. Content marketing specialist

Creators of digital content are experts in content marketing. They create a content strategy incorporating video and regularly review the company’s blogging calendar. These experts typically work with colleagues from other departments to ensure that promotional information is available on each digital platform to promote the company’s products and launch campaigns.

2. Social media manager

The term implies a social media manager’s role, although the social networks they oversee for the company vary in the industry. Above all, social media managers set up a schedule for delivering written and visual content to the company. This individual could work with a content marketing specialist to develop a strategy for deciding which content to put on which social media site.

3. SEO Manager

In a nutshell, SEO managers aid in a company’s Google ranking. Even if the company also broadcasts this information on social media, this person may work directly with content creators to ensure that their work performs well on Google using a variety of search engine optimization tactics.


Final words

Any chance you have to engage with your target market might result in the conversion of leads into customers. Digital marketing gives you many new alternatives, giving you access to potential customers through several platforms. It is an excellent tool for promoting your company, service, or goods via websites, text messages, social media platforms, or other internet channels.


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