9 Ways Artificial Intelligence is used by Marketers

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You can criticize it, you can admire it but you can’t simply ignore it. A.I powered marketing is real and it’s here to stay. The more your marketing team keeps postponing the usage of Artificial intelligence in your marketing strategy, the more you are losing on competitive advantages.

If this sounds a bit filmy, it must not because it’s supposed to get your organization get going and prepare real strategies for implementing AI powered marketing.

There are plenty of examples from real world where A.I programs are constantly being implemented like Netflix, Amazon, Google, Facebook to name a few.

AI is being rapidly accepted as a means to enhance customer service and Brand reputation by the marketers. With the prices of these tools going down and more options available, it has become more affordable for the small and mid-sized businesses to adapt to a AI ecosystem.

Let’s see 9 different ways how AI tech can help your organization beat competition.

  • AI enabled PPC campaigns:

Almost all online digital marketers depend on Facebook and Google adwords for their PPC (paid Per Click) advertisement. According to a study Google controls 41% of the US online ad market followed by but obvious the next social media giant Facebook with approx. 20% market share. Traditionally most PPC campaigns are handled by either the marketing department of the company or a third party PPC digital marketing agency. They are all humans; with the advent of AI things are changing. Now AI can help you discover new advertising forums and channels that are less competitive and may not be used by your competitors. AI powered tools can help marketers test out more ad platforms and optimize targeting their customers.

Artificial Intelligent marketing platforms like Albert gives you the power of autonomous media buying. There is least to no human labor involved in the process. Once set AI analyses, optimizes and manages the PPC campaigns.

If you have a huge PPC campaign undergoing the artificial intelligence the help of Machine Learning algorithms can help you find new avenues for optimizing your copywriting layout, targeting, and bid optimizing and also enhancing your ROI. 

  • Granular personalization of your web experience:

With the help of AI based tools you can highly personalize the website experience for your customers and give them better CRO. New AI based tools can build your whole website in minutes ground up without much of your efforts. But it’s still the tip of an iceberg. It can also help you enhance your visitor experience and smooth walk through along with intelligent personalization.

AI tools can help in personalize:

  1. Website User experience – AI tools can now analyze hundreds of data points about a single visitors including location, device type, demographic, psychographics, interaction within and outside the website etc. After analyzing all the data AI algorithm can suggest them best offer and products. Also if it thinks that the customer may leave the checkout cart without buying it can give extra discounts and close the deal in real time.
  2. Push Notifications: With a plethora of data about the users past behavior now AI can utilize its intelligence and deliver your customer right message at the right time. According to a recent survey almost 23% of marketers currently use some form of AI tool to deliver personalization to their customer’s web experience. Almost all realize that it increases customer satisfaction and helps in increasing conversion rates.

Netflix, for instance uses Machine Learning algorithms to suggest new list to its subscribers based on its preferences. Similarly Amazon shows the most relevant options to the customer. AI can also help in dealing with huge fluctuation in traffic or if your data flow stops which is a major problem for any digital marketer. While human beings can’t check the website back end all the time, AI tools can help to keep an eye on any such fluctuation. Tools like Hunch and Slacbot can do it very easily. They can read your analytics data and give you insightful reports for optimization.

  • AI tools for Content Creation:

One of the fastest growing sectors in the digital marketing world is that of content creation. NLP (natural language processing) can help in this front. This can help make life easier for a content creator. As time passes by and more and more robust AI algorithms are developed using the NLP tech human level content generation will become easier by the machines. Currently AI tools can generate content with simple rules set such as profit and loss statements, hotel and restaurants details, real time stock insights etc.

Some tools like ROCCO can help you generate content for your social media campaign depending upon the category and preferences of your engaged audience.

Still its too early to get a AI generated ebook or a full human type written blog or research report, but you can use AI based tools to auto create email content, personalized reports and messages.

  • Chabot:

As in the previous point we saw AI can provide you with self-generated emails and messages which can reduce load from a customer support staff that can then focus on serious customer complaints. AI bots are a common thing now days with almost all big companies use them for initial interaction with the customer and to understand what is that the customer is looking for. Uber, Ola, Zomato almost all big companies and industries ranging from health care to insurance these intelligent Chabot are providing great customer support and a medium of instant touch point. In some cases these smart AI bots can create better personalized content than human beings. Some good Chabot have millions of customer interaction data points, these bots can aggregate and analyze location specific request to determine patterns, detect repetitive problems and predict what the real reason is for the problem is.

  • AI powered email content creation:

One of the major drawback of email marketing is that it’s cumbersome and time consuming. But email marketing is still a great medium for retargeting.  Your company’s marketing department wastes so much time in creating, compiling and scheduling emails to your customers. With the help of AI based smart subscriber segmentation, now you can send highly personalized email to every single customer. AI tools can map up your customers or subscriber’s website experience and email browsing patterns to understand his interaction with your content. This knowledge helps the tool to deliver hyper-contextual content and create a one-on-one personalized email. It’s like “ Just for You” or “ Made for You” . These highly personalized emails can be generated based on –

  1. Historical website interactions
  2. Time spend pattern on each page or blog
  3. Heat maps of his web visit
  4. Wish list
  5. Interests of similar visitors
  6. Historical interaction with branded mails
  • Analyze and predict intelligent customer engagement:

AI tools can help you analyze and identify not so engaged customer segments that are about to leave your website or your brand. Modern AI tools and machine learning algorithms can collect data and build a predictive model. It can also test, validate and give accurate inputs on real customers. This input can help you understand if the visitor or your customer is planning to leave you and is in which stage of churning out. This tool can save you thousands of dollars by preventing early churning of your customers. Now the choice is with you if you want to target the early churners (who frequently flicks brands) or late churners (who tries to stick to a particular brand more often) I would advise you to focus on the loyal customers who would come again and again to you to buy your product or services, losing such customer won’t be good for your company. A little incentive at the right time can help you retain such customers.

Ai powered churn predicting models can help you find out customers with dropping brand engagement. When you combine personalized content creation along with AI tools that prevent customer churn, you can get more engaged customers leading o a higher lifetime value and ROI.

  • AI powered Customer Information:

It is next to impossible for human beings to analyze such huge data and match them to customer’s buying behavior. Even if one can perform Data analysis on a small set of data it may take long time and in real world scenario on an e-commerce platform time is key. If you can’t please the moving customer with a lucrative offer in the right time or cannot satisfy his queries in real time he may leave you forever. AI tools come handy; AI tools can crunch huge data sets and give marketing insights on the fly. Companies like Under Armour, Sephora build great customer segments by using advanced AI tools like Dynamic Yield.

AI tools can generate exact customer personas based on billions of data points that may include

– Geo location events

– Heat Maps of the on-site interactions

– Referral source data

– Psychographic data

– Purchase behavior

– Historical communication behavior

This creation of specific personas can help companies in:

  1. Targeting the best customer segment for maximum ROI
  2. Best customer product match
  3. Stop showing products to customers who tends to return products very often
  • Face detection and Image Recognition:

Try taking a Selfie with someone who is not in your Facebook friend’s list and let him upload it in his profile. Within minutes you will get a notification for tagging your photo. If you have ever used Google photos you must have noticed how perfectly it can recognize people in the pictures. All major companies like Amazon, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram are using AI powered image recognition technology to find people in the image. Even big camera manufacturing companies like Canon and Sony have excelled in this field and they can recognize human face. Even detect the eyes of birds in the image to keep them in focus and sharp. This could mean that now marketers can deploy system such that it can recognizes online visitors in physical store and according to their surfing history show them physical products. You can also offer them with instant discounts so that they don’t leave without buying.

  • Deep Fake AI

Several companies are coming up with this new concept called deep fake where real human beings can be mimicked speaking a text that he has never said. What I mean is now a AI tool can capture few minutes of you speaking and record that data and then study your body language and mouth movements while speaking. These tools then process the data and create a video, once you feed a text to the tool, it can mimic the face speaking that text exactly like you would do while speaking. It can help content creators substantially where videos can be generated with or without the protagonist or the host.

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